June 30 – Elliott Gordon and Rev. Busta Akong

Elliott Gordon originally comes from the Qualipu First Nation of Western Newfoundland and studied Political Science and English literature at the University of Ottawa.  He has studied mediumship under the tutelage of Dr. Marilyn Rossner at the Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF). He also teaches classes on chanting mantras and meditation at the International Institute for Integral Human Sciences, officiates, lectures and gives mediumship demonstrations at services held by SSF. Elliott is currently working towards ordination and licensed ministry.

Rev. Busta Akong is an ordained interfaith minister, spiritual development teacher, author, musician and gifted medium. He comes from a long line of mediums from Trinidad and Tobago. He teaches mediumship classes and spiritual healing workshops at the International Institute for Integral Human Sciences. Rev. Akong is a folk guitarist who integrates music into meditation, and also co-authored “Magical Encounters” with Constance Madon, PhD which explores the power of manifestation.