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August 6 – Rev. Peter G. Kendall

Rev. Kendall is a medium, healer, public speaker and teacher. Originally from Cape Breton, N.S., now lives in Montreal working with Spirit for over 15 years. He serves churches in Montreal, Ottawa, Nova Scotia, Maine and Florida. Rev. Kendall was also connected with Edgar Cayce Canada for approximately 10 years.

July 3 – Rev. Matthew Stapley

Rev. Stapley has been a practicing professional psychic-medium in the Ottawa area for the past 12 years. He has hosted two successful television series and has been featured in countless interviews in various media platforms. He is also an inspirational speaker and has provided many sold-out mediumship demonstrations throughout Eastern Ontario and Quebec. Rev. Stapley is down-to-earth, compassionate and understanding.

He received his ordination as a spiritualist minister at the age of 28 through the Church of Spiritual Wisdom in Etobicoke. He is also the Assistant Pastor of the Ottawa Interfaith Spiritualist Church.

June 26 – Rev. Alma Grimaux

Rev. Alma Grimaux was born a natural medium and has been a spiritualist for more than 30 years. She serves churches in Montreal, Ottawa and other areas. Rev. Grimaux has taught for many years and is still working, learning right up to the present day.

May 1 – Rev. Ron Koch

In 1985, Rev Koch started taking mediumship development classes with Dr. Marilyn Rossner and Rev. Eva. In 2005, he was ordained by Rev. Robert Johnstone and in 2009 became an ordained minister with the Spiritualist Church of Canada, Canada’s National Spiritualist Association. Rev. Koch has served as a medium at the Spiritual Science Fellowship and at the International Temple of Spiritual Revelations in Montreal, Camp Madison and Temple Heights Spiritual Camp in Maine, US. He is a medium and certified in healing, and also does lectures and workshops.