Websites & Suggested Reading

Arthur Findlay College, UK

Offers facilities where students can study Spiritualist philosophy and religious practice, Spiritualist healing and awareness, spiritual and psychic unfoldment. 

Harry Edwards Healing Sanctuary, UK

Celebrated British spiritual healer Harry Edwards. 

International Spiritualist Federation, UK

A society dedicated to supporting spiritualist churches around the globe, with particular emphasis on those based in countries which do not support spiritualism as a religion.

London College of Psychic Studies, UK

A non-profit organisation based in South KensingtonLondon. They are dedicated to the study of spiritual phenomena.

Spiritualist Church of Canada

The Spiritualist Church of Canada provides courses and classes for spiritualistic instruction. Assisting, promoting and uniting Spiritualist Churches, societies, organizations and persons across Canada into one general Spiritualist Church.

Spiritual Science Fellowship, Montreal

The SSF is an interfaith fellowship providing spiritual services, educational programs, and pastoral ministrations for persons — from all or no religious backgrounds — who desire to understand human experiences of psyche and spirit, and to dedicate themselves to personal spiritual growth, understanding, and psychic development.

Survival Research Institute of Canada

Survival Research Institute of Canada (SRIC) is to investigate whether some part of human consciousness or personality survives physical death and whether that surviving “spirit” is able to communicate with the living.

Lilydale Spiritualist Camp

Lilydale holds largest spiritualist community in the world. The grounds include several Spiritualist churches, a museum, guest houses, shops and even offers a special education and information program during the summer months.

Camp Chesterfield, Indianna

Historic Camp Chesterfield is a place of peace and serenity nestled near the crossroads of the Midwest. Your gateway to the enlightenment of Spiritualism.



Spiritualist Church Associations and Directories

Directory of Spiritualist Organizations in Canada

Directory for the current and accurate information in regards to all Spiritualist organizations in Canada.

National Spiritualist Association, US

(NSAC) This site offers a good directory and information on the oldest and largest organization related the Science, Philosophy and Religion of Modern Spiritualism. 

The Spiritualists’ National Union, UK

The SNU’s promotes the advancement and diffusion of Spiritualism, on the basis of the Seven Principles.  

The International Spiritualist Alliance

An open directory listing spiritualist churches. Site hosted by the International Spiritualist Alliance. 


Sites of Interest

Lily Dale, N.Y.

Lilydale is the largest spiritualist community in the world.


Spiritual Healers

Harry Edwards

Celebrated British spiritual healer Harry Edwards.