OISC is Incorporated and also recognized as a Registered Charity since May 2008. We are an independent spiritualist church, not linked to any organized church or religion, we are our own entity. We welcome those of all faiths, all cultures and belief systems.


We are an independent Spiritualist Church that supports the God of your own understanding.

We practice and teach unconditional love.

We refer to our 7 Principles as guidelines; we have no dogma or creed.

We offer a safe and sacred place for everyone to freely discover and develop their spiritual path, their purpose and their spiritual nature.

We practice and promote prayer, meditation and mediumship as a way to connecting more deeply with our Divinity and the Spirit World who loves, supports and guides us on our earthly journey.




Our principles are just that, and not commandments,
for we have no fixed creed or dogma.

We consider spiritualism a universal way of life, which completely embraces all beliefs and origins…


These seven principles are:

1We acknowledge and accept the presence of God

2That mankind is all one, brothers and sisters

3That communication with loved ones, guides and angels is a fact

4The continuous existence of the human soul

5Personal responsibility

6Just and merciful compensation for all good and negative deeds done in earth life

7Eternal progress and redemption open to every human soul






“The purpose of life itself is evolution, development, growth, attainment. As you evolve, so automatically you discard the body which has served its purpose and assume the one that is fitted for your stage of evolution.
-Silver Birch Spiritual Teacher in Spirit



Services Provided:

Spiritual healing is freely given in our services and can assist conventional treatment given by the medical profession. Absent healing through thought and prayer can help patients who cannot attend church.

We believe that to develop our gifts of the spirit, including intuition and mediumship, it can enhance our lives in a positive way. That God is Good, and if we align ourselves with that energy, through positive prayer, positive thought and positive action, good will ultimately come.