Church service is every Sunday at 1:00pm located at 888 Byron Ave Ottawa, ON K2A 0J1

Services include: The address, healing, clairvoyance, singing and prayer.
Please be sure to check our weekly speakers page for all upcoming events & guest speakers.

Spiritual healing is freely given in our services and can assist conventional treatment given by the medical profession. Absent healing through thought and prayer can help patients who cannot attend church.

We also have an absent healing book in order to write in names of loved ones (including pets) to be able to offer them healing since they cannot attend. We have also recently added a healing section to the website.

Absent Healing sessions take place daily all week long by our team of qualified healers.  Please note that healing is not done to replace the treatment provided by GPs or medical specialists, but is complementary to other treatments. Spiritual healing is open to anyone and includes your loved ones in the animal kingdom.  Simply put you name on our list of attend church on Sunday morning for hands on healing.