This is Part 2 of Rev. Dr. Sandi Harmer’s talk on sharing insights as she illustrates a correlation between self-esteem and spiritual self while referencing the Four Agreements and Quantum Living: The Shadow Self.

Rev. Dr. Sandi Harmer is a Certified medium, Author and holds a Doctorate of Philosophy, specializing in Spiritual Counselling. As one of the first of James Van Praagh’s Apprentices in the world, she communicates directly with spirit providing her clients with messages from their loved ones and divine guidance. Clients have found her readings to be profound and uplifting leaving them with joy and peace.

Her career of 38 years in the field of Addictions and as an international speaker earned her many community awards including The Community Builder Award (United Way), the Femmy Award and was nominated for the Women of Distinction Award. Her name is inscribed on “The Wall of Inspiration” at Ottawa City Hall.

She is the owner on Inner Awakenings Spiritual Development Centre where she teaches Spiritual Intuitive Development, Mediumship classes and Meditation throughout the year, as well as Integrated Energy Therapy and Light Focused Imagination Therapy.

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Spirit communication will be demonstrated by Rev. Dr. Harmer and other mediums.