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October 14 – Dr. Fadel Behman

Dr.  Behman’s vast expertise involves decades of research and teaching in the human energy field. He developed the ‘Behman Technique of Vibrant Living’ which enhances emotional and spiritual well-being. Dr. Behman teaches courses on energy bodies and chakras, meditation and intuition, sacred sounds and much more. He holds a Master’s degree in Medical Physics, a Ph.D. in Therapeutic Counselling and is connected with the International Holistic Health Energy Institute in Montreal.

September 30 – Rev. James Kinnear

Rev. James Kinnear is with the Spiritualist Church of Canada and has been working with spirit for over 30 years. His demonstrations confirm that loved ones who have crossed over are still very much with us in all aspects of our lives providing reassurance and evidence of their love. He is very passionate about his service to the bereaved, and he seeks to set an everyday example of kindness, caring and the power of Spirit.  Rev. Kinnear is a medium, lecturer and teacher who has worked as a medium across Canada, United States and parts of the U.K. He is also one of the founders of the Spiritualist Society of Burlington.



September 29 (Saturday) – Mediumship Workshop

On Saturday, September 29th, Rev. James Kinnear will be holding a Mediumship Workshop. The morning workshop will be for Beginners from 9:00am to 12:00pm – cost is $50. The afternoon workshop will be for Other Levels from 1:00pm to 5:00pm – cost is $65.

If interested, registration and payment is required, in advance, to secure your spot. For the next three weeks, registration will be taken after each service.

Rev. James Kinnear is with the Spiritualist Church of Canada and has been working with spirit for over 30 years. He is a medium, lecturer and teacher and will be serving the church the following day on Sunday, September 30th.

CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS – August 23 – SPECIAL Message Circle with Rev. Mikel Lizarralde

On Thursday, August 23rd, Rev. Lizarralde will be holding a Message Circle at the church. It will be an evening of communication with loved ones from the world of spirit. Rev. Lizarralde is a young and dynamic survival evidence-based medium from San Sebastian, where he is considered to be the leading medium in Spain.

Rev. Lizarralde has been featured on numerous radio and TV shows, as well as having articles written about his clairvoyance. He opened a spiritualist church in San Sebastian where he regularly has over 200 people in attendance. His training was at the Spiritualist Science Fellowship in Montreal, the British Spiritualist Union and Arthur Findlay College in England. He also has a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy in Therapeutic Counselling from the Open University of Sri Lanka and is currently studying for a Bachelor Degree in Psychology in Spain.

The cost for this Message Circle is $20 to be paid at the door. The doors will open at 6:30pm, Message Circle to commence at 7:00pm till 8:30pm.

Please check his website at:


September 23 – Rev. Susan Guimond Plus Book Sale

Rev. Guimond is a 3rd generation spiritualist, ordained in 2003 – trained at Camp Chesterfield Indiana, Arthur Findlay College in England and the International Spiritualist Federation in the UK. She was pastor of Christian Spiritual Ministries for 5 years, then moved to start the Ottawa Interfaith Spiritualist Church in 2008. As president, Rev. Guimond holds the position of senior pastor, certified in Therapeutic Touch and Reiki, facilitates closed circles, courses and workshops on mediumship development.

Please note there will be a gigantic book sale after the service.  Many of the books will be on spiritualism and a variety of other subject matter. Much to choose from and the prices will be Great!!


September 16 – Sandi Harmer

Sandi Harmer is the owner of Rainbow’s Beginnings, international inspirational speaker, creates and facilitates workshops, author of several children’s books, two books of poetry, training manuals for women and a Medium. She teaches Spiritual Intuitive Development and Mediumship Development classes as well as several healing modalities. She is a Certified Apprentice Medium and Spirit Medium by the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts.

Sandi’s work has earned her the honour of receiving the Community Builder Award (United Way) and her name is inscribed on The Wall of Inspiration at Ottawa City Hall. She was the winner of the Femmy Award in Ottawa for Outstanding Feminist Achievements in working with women and children 2014. She was nominated for the Women of Distinction Award (National Capital Region) in Education, Training and Development and the First Annual Dr. Dan Offord’s Excellency Award for working with children.

She is presently working towards her Minister’s/Bachelor’s degree in Metaphysical Science.


September 9 – Rev. Alma Grimaux

Rev. Grimaux was born a natural medium and has been spiritualist for more than 50 years. She teaches classes in mediumship development, meditation and does private readings. She also serves spiritualist churches in Montreal and other areas. Rev. Grimaux is a gentle and beautiful lady with a great sense of humour.