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February 24 – Mary Hawkins

Mary Hawkins is a retired Communications professor from the University of Ottawa, a public speaker, journalist, photo journalist and author of five books presently working on her sixth. Throughout her diverse career, she has developed insights into human behaviour and the power of faith in guiding one’s spirit on their life’s journey. She will speak about the foundation of ‘Angels as our messengers’ and the role they play in faith.

February 17 – Ottawa Team on Spiritual Journey

The Ottawa team serving the church will be Leverne Zwicker and Janis Wiebe who will talk about their spiritual journey. Leverne Zwicker is a Student Medium,  attended Stansted Experience in Jackson’s Point, taken several Mediumship Development courses, certificate in Reiki, on the church Board, holds position of Director of Healing, and provides assistance in many other areas. Janis Wiebe  is a Medium, does private readings, taken Mediumship Development courses, certificate in Reiki and is an active member within the church.



February 10 – Rev. Sandi Harmer

Rev. Sandi Harmer is the owner of Rainbow’s Beginnings, Author, Medium and International Speaker. She teaches Spiritual Intuitive Development and Mediumship Development classes, as well as several healing modalities. She is a Certified Apprentice Medium and Spirit Medium by the James Van Praagh School of Mystical Arts and is one of the first of James Van Praagh’s apprentice students, one of four people in Canada.

Rev. Harmer is the Divine Creator of Light Focused Imagination Therapy, Integrated Energy Therapy Master/Instructor and is a Certified Anger Solutions Master Trainer.  She is also the recipient of many awards such as the Community Building Award, winner of the Femmy Award for Outstanding Feminist Achievements in working with women and children and nominated for the Women of Distinction Award.

Please check her website at:

February 3 – A Journey Into Spiritual Awareness – All About ‘Guides’

The subject matter will be of one’s journey into spiritual awareness and how they met their Guides to be presented by the Ottawa team. It will be very informative covering questions one may have such as what is a Guide, what is their purpose and much more. Some of the experiences you may relate in your own life, and for people new to the idea of Guides it will be a learning experience.

January 20 – Rev. Chipo Shambare

Rev. Shambare is a medium, healing facilitator, certified intuitive counsellor, motivational public speaker, facilitator, coach and teacher in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. She uses her own brand of heart-centered intuitive coaching to build bridges between you and your past, your present and your future. She is also the author of “I Am Good Enough for Me” and has an informative website at:

January 13 – Service by Ottawa Team and Something NEW

The Ottawa Team will be putting on the service this Sunday. Several will be telling their story on spirit intervention in their lives. It will be interesting, uplifting and informative. Come and participate.

PRIVATE READINGS    Something new has been added to start off the year.  The church will  have the Ottawa team of mediums do private readings after each Sunday service.  Some are well known mediums in the Ottawa area and some are student mediums. There is a cost associated with the readings. More information will be provided during Announcements.