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July 28 – Rev. Kathy Nyitrai

Rev. Nyitrai is a gentle, spirit-filled lady with a great sense of humour. She is a medium who has been in communication with spirit since the age of 4, and is also a psychic artist who draws portraits of guides while in semi-trance to go with her messages. Along with serving our church for over 25 years, she serves several Montreal churches doing clairvoyance, teaching and private consultations.

June 30 – Elliott Gordon and Rev. Busta Akong

Elliott Gordon originally comes from the Qualipu First Nation of Western Newfoundland and studied Political Science and English literature at the University of Ottawa.  He has studied mediumship under the tutelage of Dr. Marilyn Rossner at the Spiritual Science Fellowship (SSF). He also teaches classes on chanting mantras and meditation at the International Institute for Integral Human Sciences, officiates, lectures and gives mediumship demonstrations at services held by SSF. Elliott is currently working towards ordination and licensed ministry.

Rev. Busta Akong is an ordained interfaith minister, spiritual development teacher, author, musician and gifted medium. He comes from a long line of mediums from Trinidad and Tobago. He teaches mediumship classes and spiritual healing workshops at the International Institute for Integral Human Sciences. Rev. Akong is a folk guitarist who integrates music into meditation, and also co-authored “Magical Encounters” with Constance Madon, PhD which explores the power of manifestation.

July 14 – Rev. Alma Grimaux

Rev. Alma Grimaux was born a natural medium and has been a spiritualist for more than 50 years. Her connection with the spirit world brings evidential messages of comfort to the ones left behind. She teaches classes in mediumship development, meditation and does private readings. She also serves spiritualist churches in Montreal and other areas. Rev. Grimaux is a gentle and beautiful lady with a great sense of humour.

Spirit demonstrations to be done by Rev. Grimaux and the Ottawa Mediums.

July 7 – Dr. Marilyn Rossner

Dr. Rossner is an interfaith minister, world-renowned medium, award-winning children’s behaviour therapist and yoga therapist. She is also the founder of the Spiritual Sciences Fellowship (SSF), a Montreal-based center which provides educational classes related to mind, body and spirit, and also is the founder of the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences (IIIHS).

Please check her website on Spiritual Sciences Fellowship at: and the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences at:

Spirit communication will be demonstrated by Dr. Rossner and the Ottawa Team of Mediums.

Spirit communication will be demonstrated by Dr. Rossner and the Ottawa Team of Mediums.

Private readings with Dr. Rossner will be held on Saturday, July 6th for anyone interested. The location, cost and her email for an appointment, will be provided in the email going out to people on the church distribution list.

June 23 – Jean-Louis Dubé

Jean-Louis Dubé is a practicing part-time Wellness Educator who has 27 years of federal training and development specialist experience.  He also has been a school teacher, and was a long time part-time continuing education instructor with the Ottawa School Board (28 years), Algonquin College (24 years) and for the International Academy of Natural Health Sciences.

Jean-Louis is addicted to continuous professional learning.  He has four university degrees. As extras, he has earned many certifications including EFT; Hand, Foot, Auricular and Facial Reflexology; Shiatsu, Laughter Yoga, Imagestreaming, Natural Health Practitioner, etc. His motto is:  Wellness is Wealth!

The title of his talk will be:  “How Can You Live A Longer, Happier and Healthier Life – Before It Is Too Late!”  The objective of this short talk will be to explore this question.

June 9 – Dora Joseph

Dora Joseph is a retired public servant who worked at the Department of Foreign Affairs in the area of Training and Development where she caught ‘a lifelong learning virus’. The past 20 years, she was teaching part-time with the Ottawa Carleton District School Board and treating personal clients mainly in the natural health field as a wellness educator. She works as educator in Facial, Hands and Foot Reflexology, Therapeutic Touch, Laughter Medicine/Yoga and Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki and Angelology.

Dora is a former long time member of Toastmasters, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Counsellor and retired from Licenced Practical Nursing. She is on hiatus from Spiritual Frontiers Canada (SFC) as volunteer program coordinator and treasurer. Presently she is a seeker, spiritual investigator and student in Spirituality. Dora will be speaking and focusing on ‘Fear, Intent and Life Purpose’.